Saturday, 7 April 2018

The final 2 days!

Yeah, so I missed the last two days.  Thursday we only arrived at the hotel at midnight, and Friday, well we were unpacking. :)

Day 13 

Thursday was crazy!  We woke up at 6, and hit the road at 7.  We were barely into Colorado at the time, and our goal was to make it to South Dakota, so we would only have a 7 hour stretch to drive on Friday.  Anyhow, we drove 14 hours that day, and only  ended up at our hotel at midnight.
I didn’t take many pictures because well, the scenery was AMAZING!   I only took two because after that, I got frustrated at my phone cuz, it wasn’t and couldn’t capture the incredible beauty around us.  So I gave up on that and just enjoyed it instead. :)

These pictures don’t show how magnificent this place is,  but I had to try and catch a small glimpse of it anyways.  

We drove through 6 different states.  North Dakota, South Dakota, Nebraska, Colorado, Utah, and Arizona.  My favourite was Colorado.  the handiwork of our creator, the mountains, the trees, the snow... everything  about the place was just jaw dropping.  (The other states were awesome too!  Don’t get me wrong! But it’s just that Colorado stuck out to me:). 

Day 14

Today was home day!!!  We got back on the road by 8:15am and started the last length of our journey home.  We stopped at Grand Forks for some shopping and food, but we got home at 6:00pm!  

And that is the end of our trip!!   The last 2 weeks have  been absolutely amazing.   Lots of memories made!!!  Now excuse me, as I need to do a little more unpacking. :)

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