Saturday, 24 March 2018

Mexico Trip 2018 - Day’s 1 and 2

So!  We be going on a trip to Mexico!  And mom was like, hey Shayla, you should blog our trip!  So I was like, whatever you say mom! ;)  So... get ready for a truck load of posts:) 

Day 1

We left to embark on our 35 hour drive at 4:00pm on Friday March 23rd of 2018.  According to the radar, there was a snow storm heading towards North Dakota and so we decided to leave earlier than planned, and do our best to avoid the blizzard predicted.  Our plan is to drive through the night, and make it to Denver Colorado by afternoon tomorrow. 

Day 2

It is already day 2!  We drove through the night (and yes we did drive through a snow storm!  Thankfully we all came out of it safely!) and now at 8:30am we have crossed into Colorado!

We arrived in Denver at 10:30. (Not Manitoba time.  An hour ahead)  since we still had most of the day left, we decided to keep driving for about 1-2 more hours and stay the night at Colorado Springs.  And that is where we are!

We arrived at our hotel, us kids went swimming, and then we decided to go for a hike in the mountains!

That was Day 2!

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Jennifer Pauls said...

I'm so glad you decided to blog!! Love seeing all of the pictures! You are making me want to go on a road trip, eat some donuts, and climb a mountain. ;)