Friday, 30 June 2017

Goodbye June!

 So yeah, I did miss some days.  I apologize. :)  This challenge has been fun, and yes, quite challenging for me!  But I have enjoyed it.  Big thanks to Jen for inviting me to do this with her, Mrs. Pauls, and Becca!

Here at home, my sisters and I have been busy preparing for music camp that starts next week. Besides that life in general has been keeping me busy!  As of this past week, this is what happened at the Thiessen home. :)

We had a deck poured at the back of our house!

We are in the process of turning our former garage into a Family Room!!  
I'm really excited about this! :)

This past June, I have learnt and been through a lot.  Some of my highlights would be my sixteenth birthday, getting my learners, preparing for music camp, the girls weekend, and being able to enjoy the summer that 2017 has brought.  

So ya!  God's good, we made it through June, and I am so blessed!
Peace out!

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