Thursday, 29 March 2018

Day 7!

Day 7

Today we had a busy/relaxing day.  If you know what I mean :)  first we packed a lunch, and went to the beach.  

And this is Peaches.  Our cousins dog.

After the beach we went home, (I took a nap:) and then went to the Ranch! (The orphanage)  and I had the privilege of spending two hours playing with the kids!<3. We played duck duck goose, hide and seek... and had lots of giggles and laughter. :)

This is Evan.  I got to take care of him 5 years ago (the last time I came to Mexico) when he was just a baby!

And this is Juan.  He was facinated by my watch and HAD to wear it on his wrist for a few minutes. :)

And this is sweet little Kimberly.  Getting to spend time with her was a treat.  And goodness!!  She is just so adorable!!

While I was busy with the kids, the others, along with my the team that is there, and some of the older kids from the orphanage, played soccer!

The food here people....  is absolutely amazing.  The Mexicans know how to make food!!

And.  The coke here is just... quite delish.  The best guys.  Just throwin that out there :)

And of course, just because, we went to DQ for ice cream. :) ;) 

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Awe, the kiddos are so adorable! They are blessed to be able to spend time with you! And of course you have to find a DQ!!