Monday, 26 March 2018

Day 4!

This morning we packed up and left Albuquerque New Mexico at 8:45am.  Our destination for today was to drive the remains 8 hours until the Mexican border.  We are staying the night in Nogales Arizona, and tomorrow we will drive the last length of our drive, (5 hours) and arrive in San Carlos, our final destination!

For today, we didn’t have anything planned other than getting to the hotel, do a bit of shopping and put the outdoor pool to use!  Little did we know the pool was FREEZING cold... (refreshing...) so of course that led up to a whole series of dares swimming across the ice cold water then sliding back into the hot tub.  From doing handstands in the water, to sitting under water for 10 seconds.  They say it’s good for you!
I was going to take pictures of that... buuut I was participating in the dare making/taking, soo picture taking didn’t exactly happen. :p  I’m sure there will be more tomorrow though!

However I did take one today ;)

That was Day 4!  One more day of driving till we meet up with our cousins!


The Pauls' Family said...

Loving these updates!! Miss you all 😘

Jennifer Pauls said...

Pool dares are the best!