Friday, 16 June 2017

In Wonder

When I see all that my creator has made, it leaves me in awe.  In wonder.  Something I think we need to do more often, (myself included!) is to stay in awe of the wonder of God.  Because he's so good.  So caring, and loving.  To think that he would pursue me, leaves me amazed.  I mess up, but he still comes for me.  Picks me up, and says, "Shayla, I love you.  You're made for me.  You will fall many times, but I'll always be here to pick you back up again.  You are never alone."  Nature reminds me of this.  That he still wants me.  Still wants a relationship with me.  And will never leave me.

Today, I am in wonder. 

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Jennifer Pauls said...

Amen sis! Amazing pictures btw!